Benefits of Tantra and Tantric Practices at TantraNova

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What benefits do I get from TantraNova?

You can benefit from TantraNova as an individual, then as well as a couple, in multiple ways. Regular Tantra yoga practices will then help you to develop sexual enlightenment:

  • Experience a sense of wholeness, intimacy and love.
  • Generate greater pleasure and ease with yourself and then potentially with a partner.
  • Bring forth your creative power in all areas of your life, not just sex.

For a woman, TantraNova can assist in:

  • Opening up to a deeply satisfying connection with yourself — and then with your partner if you are in a relationship.
  • Achieving new ways of experiencing orgasmic joys and pleasures by reawakening your feminine energies.
  • Creating aliveness and vitality in your body, relationship and life.

For a man, TantraNova can assist in:

  • Integrating your sexual with your heart energy.
  • Become more present and available.
  • Deeply connect with yourself and your partner in mutually satisfying and ecstatic ways.
  • Separating orgasm from ejaculation (ejaculatory control or choice) that then allows you to sustain your precious life force energy.  And then experience new heights of joy and pleasure through tantric sex.
  • Sustaining or re-vitalizing health in your body and life.
What is TantraNova?

Integrate your sexual with your spiritual energies through Tantra Yoga.

  • Express yourself more fully.

  • Open yourself to your full potential of pleasure and creativity.

In the Western world, we look at our bodies, relationships, sex and life in a way that is often compartmentalized. For example, we think of sexuality being separate from spirituality – as manifested in our bodies and our practices. In TantraNova a new possibility is offered that teaches you how to integrate your sexual with your spiritual energies. This allows for a divine experience with yourself and ultimately with a partner. Rediscover your innate energies using tantra, energy that is sexual-spiritual in nature. You then will be able to express yourself more fully – free from constraints and habitual-patterns, (shame, guilt, fear, suppression, etc.). This will allow you to open yourself to your full potential of pleasure and creativity.

Where does TantraNova come from?
  • Tantra originates from ancient India and China.

  • TantraNova combines Eastern with Western traditions.

TantraNova is based on tantric practices that originate from ancient India and China. These tantra practices are founded in a spiritual system that considers sexual love a sacrament. TantraNova combines Eastern with Western traditions by blending ancient Tantra with Western-knowledge of human development, generative language and creative self-discovery. Thus, it provides you with a new, joyful and satisfying way of connecting.  And this connection can be with yourself and with another on sexual, emotional and spiritual levels.

How does it work?
  • The breath is the key to activate and move your sexual energy.

  • We train certain crucial muscle groups in the pelvic floor.

  • Practices can be done by yourself or with a partner.


In TantraNova we use the breath as the key to activate and move energy. Through specific tantra breathing exercises, you can learn to connect the lower chakras (sexual energy centers) in your body with the higher chakras (love and spiritual energy centers). We also use sounds, symbols and movement to support the activation and connection of the energy flow. Further, we train certain muscle groups that are crucial in the activation of energy and the experience of sex, pleasure and joy.

The practices can be done by yourself, with a partner or in a group. The practices assist us in getting in touch with and freeing ourselves from old hurts.  As well as the residual memories or suppressed feelings that are stored in the tissue and musculature of the sexual energy centers in the body. Numbness, pain or discomfort that might be experienced at times will disappear making room for well-being and pleasure to occur. Therefore, TantraNova provides you with the possibility of healing and expansion beyond what you might have dreamed of as being possible for yourself.

Tantranova: A Sexual-Spiritual Reality

By Freddy Zental Weaver, IV

The Origins of Sexual-Spiritual Connection

It is our proposition that the sexual-spiritual connection is at the foundation of life.  The connection is from the base chakra to the crown chakra. To bring our being back to that foundation, we have created an organization that practices and teaches “TantraNova.”  It is a western evolution of ancient Tantra, bringing Tantra into the twenty-first century. Through TantraNova, we assist people with reconnecting with their sexual-spiritual self.  Then that allows them to create a life they enjoy, love and cherish. They learn to tap into their sexual energy as their fundamental life-force that influences their lives in many seemingly unrelated-ways. They also learn to create and maintain this connection.  And they do this with their physical and emotional-self as the source of their power and self-expression in their life. Their purpose in life then unfolds as they become increasingly conscious of this connection of their sexual-being with their spirit.

It is our observation that life itself turns on the axis of the sexual-spiritual connection.  And all power is generated from there, both individually and collectively. Sexual energy makes the world go around and is at the source of our being here. Our present civilization shares with past civilizations an unwillingness to face honestly our sexual connection to all life. It is an open secret that we all share. We also fail to acknowledge that as children we are sexual beings from the moment we were conceived.  This continues until the time when we are curious about the sexual energy.  And we then have a natural interest in exploring how we “work.” We perpetuate the denial and suppression of our life force through our social-structures and institutions.  These institutions include our families, schools and religious organizations. As a consequence, our suppressed life-force finds ways to express itself in behavioral aberration.

TantraNova NOW

TantraNova as a system and approach to sexual-spiritual connection and life, calls us into a state of consciousness and develops sexual-intelligence. It contends through the varied rituals, exercises and meditations that to be conscious, we must acknowledge our sexual being.  And to become aware of our sexual being as well as its connection to emotional and mental aspects.  Where we usually see no connection. Considerable scientific work on the subject in recent years has established the need for sex therapy.  Why? To help with reducing the suffering from sexual dysfunctions.  The TantraNova approach aims toward a larger goal: the integration of the sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual self.

Thus, we intend to break the cycle of blindness society has inherited from previous generations. Some organized eastern and western spiritual traditions or religions use a form of right-hand Tantra.  It emphasizes the connection with the upper chakras of the human being. This might keep us civilized but not necessarily enlightened.  And thus prevents us from being connected with the flow of universal energy. However, the left hand approach that we teach at TantraNova keeps our energy body open.  This allows our powerful life force (or sexual) energy – emanating from the 1st chakra – to connect with our heart energy (4th chakra) and our spiritual energy (7th chakra).Subheader

The Tantra Masters from the Chinese, as well the Hindu traditions, developed, practiced and passed along this way of integration.  This is indicated in the flow of chi or kundalini. TantraNova’s work is oriented toward putting a person in touch with their power potential.  It also conveys how to be at choice in a responsible way. Starting with being honest about and in touch with one’s sexual energy, in its primordial form, without guilt or shame. Before we, as a society, secure the peace we yearn for, we will need to be more insightful and honest about this aspect of Nature’s law.  The same law that governs the higher Love of Agape that we all value.

Toward the FUTURE

A whole new era is dawning where the law of Nature will no longer be denied. The future has been with us for the last five thousand years through Eastern traditions.  And now science is making it real for the western mind. It is becoming impossible to avoid our conscious participation in the evolutionary progress. We must do what we can to assist evolution.  It is as though Nature says it is up to us, what and where we go from here. Will we actualize our potential and utilize our power with the purpose of enjoying and living and loving? To that end TantraNova strives to bring people together with the commitment to creating integration, aliveness and peace.

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