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Please consider becoming a supporter of TantraNova by donating to our scholarship fund.  This fund will then aid deserving students in attending the Tantra Nova programs. Donations can be dedicated to the donor’s choice of program.  They are meant. to provide scholarships for students in TantraNova’s certification program.  As well as for seminars or private programs, women or men workshops or the theatre program.

Funds will go toward the apprehension of TantraNova’s mission:

  1. To assist people in rediscovering their innate energies and their fundamental life-force.  Then they would be allowed to be wholly connected within themselves. They are then able to express themselves more fully – free from constraints and habitual behavior (shame, guilt, fear, defeat, etc.).

  2. To support people in opening themselves up to connecting more deeply with themselves.  They will then be able to be more pleasingly with their partner, as well as with others in their lives.  By then reawakening the inner life-force (that is sexual-spiritual in nature), people experience an unleashed creative power.  And that power then improves their relationships, careers and their physical/emotional well-being.


For further information about making a donation, please contact Dr. Elsbeth Meuth or Freddy Zental Weaver at 773-525-5006.


$ 100.00

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Or send a check payable to:

TantraNova Institute

2031 W Warner Ave

Chicago, IL 60618

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