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Freddy Zental

Tantra Theatre

Sexual Enlightenment – A One man show

For Everyone

Tantra Theatre

Song Soiree – Loving your life

For Everyone


Take a truly entertaining and often hilarious journey through Freddy Zental’s life experiences concerning intimacy, sex and love in theatre masterpieces.

This tantric theatre show is packed with storytelling, drumming, singing and comedy. All are used in service of demystifying those intimate, personally impacting moments that so often go unexamined or trivialized.  For example,your first exposure to sexual energy, your first orgasm or your first true love.

As Freddy Zental’s personal story unfolds the audience is reminded, “As you listen to my story think about your own.” The show, therefore, is a playful invitation for us all to reflect on old feelings.  Then to focus on fixed ways-of-being to make room for getting in touch with our dreams, passions and sacred intimate-Self.

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